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Hace 179 días
Maintenance Technician

$ 10,000 Semanal

This pay is for a full weeks work (40hrs) based on a minimum wage. The minimum wage in Arizona is $12.80 per hour, we know this company starts all positions above minimum wage.

This job is being offered to candidates that are US citizens, hold a work authorization visa, or permanent resident visa.

This company is located in San Luis, Arizona 

  1. Troubleshoot and repair Production Equipment and Facility Equipment or Structures as directed by the Maintenance Manager or Lead. Work alongside Equipment Operator to ensure quick resolution of equipment issues.  Use WhatsApp to document repairs completed.  Contact Maintenance Manager or Lead if a repair cannot be completed within 2 hours of equipment downtime to receive instructions.
  2. Perform preventative and predictive maintenance on Production Equipment and Facility Equipment.  Responsible for the completion of PM tasks according to PM Schedules.
  3. Perform equipment installation tasks as assigned by the Maintenance Manager or Lead.
  4. Responsible for providing own basic tools required to complete equipment repairs and PM tasks.  Must maintain tools and tool cart to ensure proper tools are available when needed to complete tasks in a timely manner with minimal equipment downtime.
  5. Communicate with Maintenance Manager or Lead deficient inventory levels on critical spare parts for all Production and Facility Equipment.
  6. Communicate with technicians from the next shift through written and verbal communications.  Ensure all pertinent information is passed on to create continuity in team performance.
  7. Understand how to operate all production equipment, lift trucks, hoists, and computers.  Operate all equipment within the safety, quality, and manufacturing regulations.  Follow all work instructions in their entirety every time he operates equipment.
  8. Responsible to maintain a clean and orderly Maintenance Office, Parts Cage, and Shop Work Area.  Complete End-of-Shift cleaning tasks with accuracy and integrity in the last 30 minutes of every shift.
  9. Complete all maintenance data forms with accuracy and integrity.
  10. Perform other duties as assigned by the Maintenance Manager or Lead with proper attitude and accuracy.

Greater Yuma Economic Development Corporation


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