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Business Systems Analyst 2


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This IT position requires an ability to produce robust IT systems solutions, communicate effectively to the local end user audience, a forward-thinking vision to leverage technology to enhance the customer experience.  Proven software development experience.  The candidate will be expected to deliver high impact results immediately in an extremely fast-paced environment to support the development of a world-class IT organization.

Responsibilities will include, but not be limited to:

  • Software development to support business operations using several programming platforms
  • Administrate system configuration changes, new features modeling, testing and deployment with the MES and existing systems that support operations. Monitor user requests and propose solutions.
  • Support design, development and implementation of IT solutions that are help production in reduction and elimination of miss operations, improve productivity and satisfy our customers.
  • Support to operations initiatives that require IT solutions and are aligned to best practices and use of core systems.
  • Creation of specifications, and conceptual designs for software solutions based on business requirements, moreover must validate are well documented and reflect and meet business needs.
  • Installation and deployment of software solutions, development of user manuals and visual aids.

Skyworks Solution

Baja California,Mexicali.

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